Site Waste Management

Make most out of your waste. MHA experts to manage your waste related legal regulations, treatment and disposal on different waste categories such as solid waste, plastic waste, wood waste, recycling and many more.

Collecting Waste

Collecting waste from each collection points, and transport it by truck to designated locations such as the CWAA (Central Waste Accumullation Area) area, TWMF (Temporary Waste Management Facility) area and landfill.

Wood Waste

The processing of wood waste into Chipper is an effort to reduce wood waste piles in wood laydown area, and it is functioning for other purposes such as a material mixture in the composter machine, and as the media decomposers for sanitary landfill.

Combustible waste in incenerator

After segregation process, the combustible waste will be burn with incinerator machine.

Plastic waste shredder

Plastic waste can be recycled to be plastic ore as raw material for making plastic products.

Food dewatering machine

Food dewatering is the process of separating organic/ food waste from foreign objects and reducing the water content of waste with a compaction system. Organic

Can compactor machine

This machine used for compact the soft drink and biscuits can to reduce the volume in the storage space or shipment.

Composter machine

Dewatering process is to decrease the water by compacting the food waste in the machine before composting process. After Dewatering Process, the food wastes mixed with woodchip, the mixing composition is (2:1) means that 1 Bin of Food waste mixed with 2 Bin of Wood chip.

Temporary hazardous waste storage

All generated hazardous waste will be stored at THWS (Temporary Hazardous Waste Storage) prior to dispose to the lisenced third party for further treatment. Operational of THWS includes receiving, storing, recording, disposal to licensed third party and regular maintenance of building.

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